Relationship with Money Course

How You Can Transform Your Relationship with Money Course (for Women)

When it comes to manifesting money, you have tried various different "new age" ideas but found that none of them have worked.

You have tried ideas such as...

  • Willing your mind to "think positively" so that you can activate the Law of Attraction for money to flow effortlessly to you
  • Praying to the Universe or God to send you the money because you believe that you "ought" to be deserving since you are ahem..."spiritual"
  • Creating a vision board workshop over the weekend
  • Getting psychic readings to improve your fortune
  • Responding "yes" a dozen times to images on social media requesting you to type "yes" to receive the $1,000,000 that is coming to you within 24 hours
  • Lighting white candles to clear space
  • And so on.

Unfortunately, many of these ideas did not quite help you materialise the money amounts that you were asking for.

In fact, you could still be grappling with anxiety and feeling stressed about money.

Should you find yourself stuck in the same disruptive patterns, perhaps it is time to approach things differently.

The answer may have little to do with a lack of knowledge or skills on your part.

What I'd like to suggest is an inside-out approach.

By this, I mean changing what you think and feel about money. It's what my starter course is going to cover. I'd like to invite you to join me on a journey with Transforming Your Relationship with Money. Get the starter course at the pre-launch price!

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Find out why you would want to use an inside-out approach

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Like many others, I applied the things that the money manifestation experts advised.

Mantras, vision boards, prayers - I did them all.

Well, at first, it worked "here" and "there".

But MOSTLY it didn't!

Not even 1% of the $8,200,000 or $10,000,000 (promised by the Law of Attraction social media posts - examples below) overnight for sure, whenever I typed to claim these amounts in the comments.

When manifestation did not happen, I thought I was the one to be blamed.

That I wasn't "not good enough".

That there was something wrong with me.

At first, I did not realise where my gaps were.

For the most part, I was in frustration, disappointment and anxiety because I could not get these ideas to work.

Then, the penny FINALLY dropped!

It struck me that since I was feeling emotional about money, this could be a good place to start.

I could begin with working on changing what I feel and think about money.

And if I continue to be feeling disrupted, it just means that MORE inner work needs to be done!

Finally, I was ready to admit that emotional bypassing with false positivity or wishful thinking were ineffective ideas. I had to recognise that it is NOT going to be a quick fix. Responding "yes" to a social media post in order to claim $1 million to my bank account won't cut it.

On the contrary, I needed to place attention on using an inside-out approach. I was called to be honest in what I truly think and feel about money, face my fears and decide what I'd like my relationship with money to be.

Amazingly, things started to improve once I committed to changing my relationship with money. I gained a sense of financial well-being. Instead of constant anxiety, I was a lot more confident and at ease. In fact, I was able to move into action with working on my finances. Whether it was to invest my funds, work on my business or hold financial discussions calmly with my husband.

The result was seeing a positive and healthy improvement in my bank balance!

What was interesting for me to observe is that the more I work on releasing my limiting beliefs and feelings about money, the "new age" ideas - be it creating a vision board or applying visualisation techniques - began to work a lot better!

When I started to map out what has worked for me since the beginning, I came up with the content and strategies that make up this starter course.

Hence, if you are feeling frustrated that nothing has worked for you, this starter course could potentially be where you can begin!

Transform Your Results with a Relation-SHIFT

My Transform Your Relationship with Money Course offers a way for you to change what you think and feel about money. When fear is out of the way and you have more positive thoughts and feelings, it becomes a lot easier for you to take the actions that are needed for a financial breakthrough. The Transformation Wheel Process is as follows...

All relationships are ultimately mirrors. You'd be invited to work on the relationship you have with yourself too. If you are in the habit of directing criticism inwards or not believing that you are worthy, you will need to change this.

In short, the Relationship with Money Course is designed to help you with...
Shifting away from Money Avoidance and
Stepping into Confidence,
so that you can Grow Your Finances with Greater Ease.

In this soulful course, the following topics will be covered...

1) Release Money Anxiety

Learn how you can apply Emotional Freedom Technique for letting go of money anxiety. EFT is a method of release that involves using your finger tips to lightly tap on end meridian points on your face and body. It helps you to align your energy system. You simply need to follow my step-by-step guide.

2) Reframe Your Relationship

Reframe the lens of viewing money less of an enemy and more as a partner/friend.

3) Reclaim Your Feminine Power

How you can let go of limiting beliefs on women disempowerment, so that you can step into a more financially empowered self. In working with clients, I have found that many women have mindset issues around money. In this section, you'd be working on identifying what could be in the way for you.

4) Rewrite with Positive Beliefs

Identify limiting beliefs and thoughts about money, so that you can work on reframing them into more empowering ones that support you on taking charge of your finan

5) Renew Your Relationship SPARK

Use the SPARK formula to renew your relationship with money with healthy money dates for undertaking healthy money habits that will help you improve your finances.

Change your Relationship with Money with a Relation-SHIFT!

The course is now open at prelaunch price of $97.

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Who is this Women-Only Course For?

  • Coaches
  • Energy healers
  • Creative professionals eg. artists
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Social media marketers
  • Consultants
  • Service providers
  • Online entrepreneurs

What You Will Get From This Self-Paced Online Program

Video Tutorials Released Weekly for 4 Weeks
Guided Assignments
10 Downloadable Handouts and Journal Worksheets
10 EFT Tapping Videos
[Bonus] Reboot Your Money Energy Videos - Do the Reboot first while I get the Course Ready!

When Does the Course Officially Start

The course officially starts on Aug 19 2021.

It is posted on a drip basis over 4 weeks. You are encouraged to do the exercises and assignments; with weekly email reminders.

Please note that there are not LIVE trainings that you need to be present. All video trainings are delivered bite-sized. This is a self-paced course that you complete on your own.

You have ONE year to access the course materials.

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Client Win

Listen in to How Rachel Won Manifested Her Wins After Releasing Her Anxiety and Fears


Relation-SHIFT: Transform Your Relationship with Money

My Money Relationship Course is a great Starter Course
to changing what you think and feel about money.

It is Practical and not based on fluff, magic wands or quick-fix pills.

If you have been perceiving money to be working against you, you are just going to feel averse and avoid it. The aversion that you feel will simply repel it. However, if you change your perception about money and shift into ease and confidence, you can find it easier to handle your finances and potentially grow your money.

When I work with my clients, many of them tell me how much lighter, more inspired and energised they feel, once they reset their money alignment. As a result of an improved relationship with themselves and with money, they were able to manifest a breakthrough. They feel thankful knowing that they can change their reality.

Money manifestation experts charge minimally $997 and upwards for group programs. It can be that much to invest for a breakthrough! If you are already having money blocks, your fears can get activated even more at the thought of having to fork out such a big sum.

It's why I have put this course together. It's a self-paced course for only fraction of the investment that can potentially help you get started on making shifts. Register for the starter course at the pre-launch price of $97.

Imagine What It Would Be Like to Shift from Anxiety into Increased Confidence...

How would the following experiences feel like to you?

  1. Be in a state of ease and flow while doing what you love and worry less about the money.
  2. Get out of your own way, so that you can do what it takes to generate increased income.
  3. Feel more generous with your time, resources and money instead of feeling tight and broke all the time.
  4. Gain confidence to attract what you do want, instead of what you don't.
  5. Gain better alignment with your potential to boost money and income.
  6. Feel lighter, more energised and financially well!

It's only possible if you change the way you think and feel about money and yourself. Less hustle, less struggle, more ease! Your wellness gets a boost! Get a great start by enrolling below right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For how long do you have access to the videos for this program?
You have one year to access the videos. During this time, the course will be updated whenever there are new materials.
What if you are dissatisfied with the program?
I would be sorry to learn that you did not benefit from it. If you did not achieve any benefits from this program and if you are feeling dissatisfied, contact me and I will give you a full refund. This program is at 100% risk-free to you :-)
What makes this course different from others?
First of all, there is no other course like this since I created it. I'm also not going to offer false promises of fast money and unhelpful manifestation ideas. This starter course is meant for those who are serious about transforming from within. What I have found is that if you want to change the results that you are getting, you need to start working on changing your thoughts and feelings. If you decide to apply the materials in this course, you can potentially experience a real shift in your financial well-being.

Your Instructor


I am an Abundance Coach, specialising in helping Conscious Women Solopreneurs release their subconscious fears and anxiety, so that they can confidently and authentically attain the breakthroughs that they want. Ultimately, I hope to help others manifest the life and business that they’d love.

I have been running an online business in the personal growth and spiritual field for close to 10 years now. My clients are women from different parts of the world such as from the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, Switzerland, and including Singapore (from where I reside).

As a mother to two lovely girls, I hope to leave a legacy that centers on empowering women to love ourselves, go for our authentic dreams and to own our financial success!

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